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OSB sheathing exposed to weather

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I believe that there was an article in "Professional Roofing," the magazine 
of the National Roofing Contractors Association, a year or so ago on moisture 
effects on OSB.  I'm guessing at their web site as:

Even in this dry climate (Arizona), a number of home builders are putting 
plywood around the perimeter at roof overhangs where the underside will only 
be exposed to humidity (what we have of it).  The rest of the roof is 
sheathed with OSB.  I think that in and of itself speaks volumes about the 
effect of moisture on OSB.


A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Aridzona

Dennis Shoup wrote:

. > The construction progress of one of our wood framing projects in Southern 
. > California has been stopped for over 2 years. Recently it started again, 
. > the framing had been completed and left exposed for over two years. 

. > Though visually the OSB boards look fine with no swells or delaminations, 
. > there are rust stains from nail heads. Does anyone feel there should be
. > concerns 
. > over the integrity of the unprotected framing from the environment (2 
. > blocks from the ocean), particularly the exterior OSB sheathings rust 
. > stains? 

. > Dennis Shoup

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