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Re: When is an Architect or Engineer Required?

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>What I would like to know is, based on what you have read here, is this not
>an illegal attempt to practice unlicensed engineering or architecture?
I'm assuming this is in Texas. You might want to check the Engineering 
licensing board web site to see if they list disciplinary actions and 
compare what you know with what the board gigs people for. If the Texas 
board doesn't have a web site, maybe you can check some back issues of 
the newsletter. Florida and Minnesota both list disciplinary actions in 
some detail on their respooective web sites.

The term 'facilities consultant' sure smells like an attempt to sound 
like an engineer and stay just clear of an injunction. The term doesn't 
matter, it's what they do, and it sounds like they're going through all 
the motions to pose as engineers.

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