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Re: When is an Architect or Engineer Required?

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Last month for continuing education requirement, I took a three hour course that
was a presentation by staff members of both the Architects and Engineers board.
What you have described was discussed as a problem area that both boards are
working on in their joint committee.  According to the staff members, a
replacement-in-kind (tear-off and replace with identical product) roofing system
can have anyone prepare the documents since no new loading will be imposed on
the structure and the drainage path will not be changed.  However, if the new
roofing system imposes additional loads or if the drainage path will change,
then the services of an engineer and perhaps an architect need to be utilized to
produce construction documents.

Based on what you have described, I think you should contact the state boards -
just don't expect any immediate reaction from them.

One other thing that was mentioned was the ongoing problems they were having in
the Houston area with the builders not engaging architects on condominium
projects as required by law. It seems that the developers are trying an end-run
around the state law stating that the projects are "single-family housing with
shared firewalls" even though they look like apartment buildings.

Its good to see your back on the list.

Davis G. Parsons II, PE RA AEI
a practical architectural engineer
in Fort Worth, Texas

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