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Bill and Bill

There could be different explanations for why these frame are getting built. The UBC still allows the OMF if it is designed to Omega times the calculated seismic loads. 

My point was that if you want to follow FEMA 350, and not have to resort to testing or overdesigning the frame, there is no prequalified moment connection using HSS members. 

Ben, Yousefi, SE
Santa Monica, CA

>>> bill(--nospam--at) 07/16/03 09:26AM >>>

I'm surprised to hear this.  I have seen MANY HSS to HSS moment frames
specified (and installed) by engineers in seismic design regions.  Are
the engineers making up this acceptable through use of engineering
mechanics?  The engineer that introduced me to this system was
originally from Los Angeles who I believe to be a sharp designer.  I
just want to have a better understanding of why I have seen this so many
times, and designed them as well under the impression this was
acceptable.  Thanks.

Bill S. Marczewski
BSM Structural, LLC
Astoria, Oregon

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There is no such thing for seismic design!

Currently there is no approved moment connection type, for seismic
application, using HSS section. All the tested connections so far have
been with rolled W sections. Even the built up boxes are not approved at
this time.

Ben Yousefi, SE
Santa Monica, CA

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