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RE: When is an Architect or Engineer Required?

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>I don't believe that the use of the term "facilities consultant" violates 
what the
> board would consider as a professional engineer.

It depends on what he does and what he represents himself as able to 
provide. Aerospace and most of the outfits I worked for were exempt from 
the engineering law by the manufactured product exemption. All states 
have them. Because I represent myself as a provider of engineering 
services, I need to be registered, although most of my client firms are 
exempt because of the manufactured product exemption. 

>On a side note, the California Professional Practice codes does not
>require the same practice when an Architect is involved.
With all the complaining on the SEAINT list about architects doing their 
own structural work, I'm surprised that no one has complained to the 
California board.

For once I agree with Bill--the situation seems to be an obvious attempt 
to evade the law.

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