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If you're in SDC A, B, or C, (roughly coincides with UBC zones 0,1, 2A and
2B) you can use R, system overstrength, and deflection amplification values
of 3 and not have any specific seismic detailing.  Any moment connection is
theoretically allowed.

This is allowed in the 2000 and later IBC, the 1998 and later ASCE-7, and
the 1997 and later NEHRP.

For those areas still using the 1997 UBC, you're back to the argument of do
you use the latest research information, or the more conservative current
building code?

As for a generic moment connection (to resist wind or gravity loads, for
example), the only reference I have in my office is the "Hollow Structural
Sections - Connections Manual" by AISC.  Although it mainly addresses WF
beam to HSS column and truss web-to-chord connections, many of the
connections it details (with design examples) can be easily extrapolated to
an HSS-to-HSS connection.  There are even several bolted connections.

Jason Kilgore
Leigh & O'Kane, L.L.C.
816-444-9655 (FAX)

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> Bill:
> I believe what Ben was trying to point out is that there are no
> pre-approved HSS moment connections.  The only connections that have been
> tested and pre-approved for use (i.e. requiring no further testing on your
> part prior to use) are wide flange beam to wide flange column full moment
> connections (of certain sizes).
> You can still use ANY type of connection (at least to my knowledge) of
> any type of steel members (HSS, WF, etc) BUT you have to have them tested
> before they are permitted for use.  This is also true for WF beam to WF
> column connections that have members that do not include the WF sizes used
> in pre-approved/tested connections (i.e. for example, "deep" WF columns
> have not been pre-approved so you are limited to 10x10, 12x12, and 14x14
> nominal WF columns, etc).
> Thus, if you want to use a HSS to HSS moment connection, then you will
> need to have the connection tested to determine if it meets the minimum
> requirements for the connection type that you want to use (i.e. ordinary,
> intermediate, or special moment frames).  These requirements include
> things like minimum ductility requiremenst and rotation limits (if I
> recall correctly).

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