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Re: Details, Struts, Thrust, Etc.

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Which ridge beam, the main roof at the hip or the "ell" ridge?
I assume this is a vaulted ceiling?  At the "ell"  you can span a beam in the plane of the main roof supported by multiple joists or beams in the main roof either side of the "ell", depending on width of the "ell". 
At the main hip, things can get tricky fast depending on size.  With adequate beam depth, you can create a three piece bent plate and through bolt connection so that the entire roof, hips and ridge work as a large space truss.  Corner connections at the hips must be reinforced to resolve the thrust into the walls.  Again scale dictates the feasibility.  Another approach is to hide a steel gable beam in the roof system at the hip to support ridge and hip beams (large spans do not work well).  If the structure is really large, exposed trusses are always nice :-)
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Subject: Details, Struts, Thrust, Etc.

"Dumb Question" Time.
(FWIW, I once again posit my definition of a "Dumb Question": A question to which everyone PRETENDS that everyone knows the answer, but each one's answer is most likely different from everyone else's, no one is really in agreement as to the "correct answer," and the collective ignorance is perpetuated because no one wants to be heard actually asking the question).
You have a house with a hipped roof. The house has an "ell" or two coming off the "main" part of the structure, and the roof heights are different because the slopes are the same, but the widths of each part of the building (in plan) are different.
I cannot figure out how to get such a configuration to "work" without a post at each end of the ridge beam. It just doesn't compute for me, especially when the pitch is rather shallow (30 deg. or less).
So, convince me that the thing doesn't collapse into the hallway of the main house.