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earlier post clarification- replacement engineer

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I am a young engineer, who will make mistakes, so please forgive me when I
shoot out off at the mouth and it rubs you the wrong way (hey, this is a
personal problem I have been working on for decades). So my use of the word
"scab" to describe an engineer who assumes C.A. duties on a structure that
he did not design (an engineer who replaces the design EOR) was not meant to
cause offense to anyone who performs this duty in a qualified, legal, proper
manner. I meant it as definition #4 not #5, but not in a literal sense:

    4.  a worker who refuses to join a labor
                       union or to participate in a union
                       strike, who takes a striking worker's
                       place on the job, or the like.
                  5.  Slang. a rascal or scoundrel.

If an engineer changes firms, a firm is not performing responsibly and
timely, etc., then I believe an owner should still be able to get his
structure built according to the plans he has already paid for, with our
without the original engineer on board. We have CEI and other firms help out
on CA all the time, especially on gov't jobs. But we have never been fired
or left out completely of the construction process.I guess my emotions got
the better of me because of past bad experiences in fast track or design
build type projects. It is a deep concern that someone who is not qualified
overrule my engineering judgement, such as the owner or contractor.

 I have no problem with some minor justifications of my design, but like
someone else said earlier, pitting two engineers against each other to see
who can design the smallest beams and foundations is counter productive.
Each of us has their own experiences, expertese, levels of comfort, factors
of safety, and interpretations of various codes and methods. No two designs
will be the same, or the most economical.

 My main fear is that someone unfamiliar with the intricacies of my design
will make changes that will damage the MWFRS or a detail that was necessary
for a particular reason. So my question from a legal standpoint is, if an
engineer signs and seals a set of plans, can another engineer then redesign
an element of that building without the permission of the original EOR?? For
example, I design some footings for uplift and I interpret the code
allowable stress load combos of 0.6D+W, so I design the footings for 1.67x
uplift. Engineer B comes in and says this is ridiculous and reduces my FS by
whatever amount. If he signs and seals the drawings are they then
acceptable?? In even bigger concern is that we specify a certain brace or
connection for a good reason, not readily apparent, that is part of the
overall system. Engineer B thinks it is a waste and eliminates it. I wonder
how responsible the original EOR is at that point...

I hope I have clarified my concerns and that I did not intend to call
another engineer a "rascal or scoundrel".

We have gotten a few phone calls from people over the years shopping around
for cheaper designs. I suppose in rare cases an engineer may have not known
what he was doing and overcompensated in his design. But we generally would
run away from this type of work, it is not worth the headache, hassle, or
the anxiety of walking the tight ethical line. Unless we are goint to get
paid to redesign the whole thing, but that is a totally seperate issue.


Andrew Kester, EI
Longwood, FL

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