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PCA Notes on ACI 318-02

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I have some questions and comments about the Design Example 6.4 starts on page 6-34 of PCA Notes on ACI 318-02 Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete with Design applications by David A Fanella & Basile G Rabbat.

On page 6-36, the Cc (Compression by the concrete stress block) should exclude the area of reinforcing steel. Just as ACI 318-02 Section excluding the Ast in The Eq. 10-2.
	phi*Pmax = 0.80*[ 0.85f'c(Ag-Ast)+FyAst]       Eq. 10-2
Cc = 0.85f'c*b*a
Ast should be excluded from the Cc.

On page 6-36 the strain condition 3 should be placed on the next page,

On page 6-37 the strain condition 4 should be placed on the next next page.

On page 6-39 the 'a' part of the strain condition is missing. Cc = 236.2 kip is correct. Cs =72.0 kip (book gives it 73.5 kip)

How the Table 7-1 on page 7-3 is used? Is omega an index on the vertical column? What are the horizontal column and values are used?

On bottom of page 7-23 the Set b = 10 in (beam width) not column width.

I was hoping the example on page 7-24 could shade some light on the use of Table 7-1. How was the omega=0.2576 obtained. What is the purpose of item 3?


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