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Thanks to Harold and Scott for their great advice on slabs on grade.

As Scott said, the ACI does address the base material between the vapor
retarder and the slab. This is a good read- ACI 4.1.5, but see the Addendum
at the end of the Chapter, 302.1R-96, Vapor Retarder Location, and the
accompanying flow chart. This has been a real eye opener and I hope to
reevaluate the way we design and specify SOG. It is very dependent on the
expected/known finish floor material...

I guess it is a bit simpler on exterior slabs where you do not need a vapor

Harold, you said to use rebar in SOG, so are you using #3, about 1.5" or 1/3
from the top of the slab? And since it is agreed that even this won't
prevent cracking, however, it should hold the widths to acceptable limits.
And do you design the reinforcement ACI 360R-21, EQ (6-3) and the thickness
according to one of the methods listed in Chapter 5 (PCA, WRI, or COE

Thanks again for all of the input.

Andrew Kester, EI
Longwood, FL

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