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RE: Plan Stamping

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"If by plan-stamping you mean taking over the work of another engineer 
after verifying all the background calculation and design bases, Florida

has rules for doing it, and I think it's possible in Minnesota, although

there aren't specific rules."

Despite trying to figure out Washington's laws, I don't fully understand
how they rule on this.  Plan stamping is clearly not allowed, but there
appear to be a number of grey areas.  A few letters were printed in the
state board newsletter a while back regarding this.  One was a case of
an engineer who seemed to basically be picking up a set of drawings that
were not his own (passed by an architect, perhaps), reviewing them, and
stamping them.  That was deemed to be very bad.  Another case appeared
to involve an engineer that reviewed and stamped an existing set of
drawings for an unaffiliated engineer who had died.  That was deemed to
be okay.  Aside from the one story looking very sympathetic and the
other looking like an attempt to cut corners, it wasn't obvious what the
distinction was in the level of review or care taken by the engineer who
stamped the drawings.  If I was ever contemplating a situation like
that, I would probably call the state board and have a long talk with
them on how to proceed.  

Paul Crocker, P.E.

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