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Building from 1969 (more info)

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I quickly reviewed the PML after I sent my message and I found the following:


1 of the 3 buildings does not have tuck under parking and it was given a separate PML.


  • The PML for the 2 buildings with tuck under parking were 27%
  • The PML for the 1 building without tuck under parking was 17%
  • The total for the complex was 24%


So since there is a 10% difference, one can deduce (since it isn’t clearly stated) that the soft-story assumption rather than the conventional construction of the wood framed structure is putting the PML number above the magical 20% limit.


So again, I feel that if I can prove the tuck under condition is no worse than the conventional construction above, only very minor things like beefing up the drag/collectors, rather than trying to install new moment frames or shotcrete the existing cmu walls would be necessary and the PML should be below 20% and more likely the 17% quoted previous if the structure was spread footings rather than posts and cmu walls.


Any comments?



Santa Clara, CA