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RE: Building from 1969 (more info)

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PML = Probable Maximum Loss    Used to determine the replacement cost as a percentage of the existing value of the building due a major event (i.e. earthquake). Used by banks and building owners to estimate their risk.


Just because there is tuck under parking, doesn’t mean that the load path is not there. In this building, there is a load path. A lot of times there are no shearwalls or very short ones, I have 6 pretty good sized shearwalls and the numbers are pretty close. It doesn’t make sense to me to try and meet current code for the existing cmu shearwalls and leave the upstairs totally inadequate, it just can’t be the weak link that would lead to collapse. IMHO, it’s not the weak link.


My understanding is that tuck under parking failures were due to rotation due to a lack of perimeter shear elements where the cars park. (i.e. the diaphragms were cantilevered too far or were 3 sided boxes with an open front. I definitely do not have this condition.



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What is PML ?

IF YOU DON'T improve the lateral of the tuck under parking building you are playing with fire........That in the least we learned from Northridge.

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