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RE: I am looking for pictures and war stories

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>Charlie, is this project relative structural steel only?

No, it is not material specific. I have great contacts for steel examples,
but being a steel guy, I'm weaker in getting the other materials covered.
Anything you can provide to assist will be very much appreciated.

And if any of you know of other forums andpeople who might be able to help,
please feel encouraged to forward my initial message below to any and all.


"Carter, Charlie" wrote:

> Hi all,
> Some of you may know that the Council of American Structural Engineers has
> recently completed its development of CASE document 962 D "A Guideline
> Addressing Coordination and Completeness of Structural Construction
> Documents". I am working with CASE to develop a presentation that will
> explain the recommendations in this document and emphasize the benefits of
> coordination and competeness.
> Text and opinions in a presentation are dry and uninteresting. Therefore,
> need your pictures and war stories about the results of projects in which
> the construction documents were not complete and coordinated. If you want
> reply to me privately, that is fine (carter(--nospam--at) We will use the
> information in the presentation to highlight the points made in the
> presentation, but will not use names or embarrass anyone in using the
> information.
> Please send me anything you think can help us make our presentation more
> informative and persuasive on the need for coordination and completeness
> structural construction documents.
> Charlie

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