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RE: Plan Stamping

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This has NEVER been clear to me--and I live in a state, Texas, where "plan
stamping" is clearly forbidden.

My understanding vis a vis "plan stamping," BTW, is that it involves the
preparation of plans by someone who is really not qualified to do so, with
the intent to get a qualified person to seal the drawings with little or no
review, for a small fee that doesn't come close to representing the measure
of liability.

The only thing I can compare it to is "prostitution."

To put it as delicately as I can, if you invite a woman out for drinks,
dinner and a movie, spend lavishly on her, then expect her to "put out" at
the end of the date, that's "okay."

If you just offer her the money directly, that's "prostitution" and you're a

Go figure.

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"If by plan-stamping you mean taking over the work of another engineer
after verifying all the background calculation and design bases, Florida

has rules for doing it, and I think it's possible in Minnesota, although

there aren't specific rules."

Despite trying to figure out Washington's laws, I don't fully understand
how they rule on this.

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