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RE: Plan Stamping

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There is a more devious problem to plan-stamping.  

Many years ago, I worked for an engineering company, (rather large then, but now defunct).  Just after I started, one of their sales reps found out I had a NYS PE license and asked me to seal a report.  Since I hadn't even read the report and I wasn't allowed by this rep to do so, I refused.  (Omitted is the issue on whether I had any chance to agree, concur or disagree with it, but the discussion didn't get that far.)  He immediately bought me up on insubordination charges.  Fortunately, saner heads prevailed and he was stopped.   However, he was never disciplined for putting me in such an uncomfortable position.  And, of course, because it was handled internally, the situation never saw the light of public scrutiny.

I can understand and even forgive this guy's mistake of asking for plans to be sealed.  But his immediate response of pressing insubordination charges is what really ticks me off, even though in the end my position prevailed.

While it is great for the PE boards can discipline PEs for plan stamping, they don't have a method of disciplining non-PEs for insisting on that kind of behavior from their professional employees.  (Maybe I should say seriously disciplining.) And they don't seem interested in seriously addressing such problems.  Until that happens, the economic incentive for employers to insist on the practice of plan stamping will continue unabated.

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