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RE: "Water in the Hole"

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Yes, and this is what I told the developer. When the developer/owner has an
engineer standing there on one side saying "this is a problem, we need to
consider the implications of this and come up with some solutions," and a
foundation drilling contractor on the other saying "I've done it this way a
thousand times. If we wait it's going to cost money," guess who he tends to

It's unfortunate, and it's compounded by the fact that this particular site
lies outside the city limits, putting it into the no-man's-land of a Texas
county. Counties in Texas are FORBIDDEN from enacting building codes, or
providing any building code enforcement.

There is not even a building permit needed on this project, except for flood
control. As long as the civil pukes at the county engineering office are
satisfied their precious stormwater's going where it's supposed to, no one
gives a rip.

So what it comes down to is my attempting to use my "moral authority" such
as it is, to convince the developer to "do the right thing."

And thus, my need for chapter-and-verse.

Thomas Hunt reminded me about ACI (don't ask me why I didn't think to go to
the MCP originally), and he's right. The information is right there,
including discussion of slurry methods which I had mentioned to the
developer (to the whistles and catcalls--"man, that's gonna be some
money!"--of the foundation contractor).

It's easy to say "let's do it right" when it's not my money, I suppose.
Every day, in every way, I see the value of adopting building codes. Don't
know when that's gonna happen in Texas, though.

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Most of the companies that make admixtures for concrete make "additives"
for placing concrete underwater.   Some of their literature talks about the
concerns related to that.  One is the possible increase in water/cement
ratio.  Dropping the concrete into the water will increase that problem.
I have placed concrete underwater with no problems but it usually requires
a low slump mix or an additive in the mix design.

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