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Re: FRP - Temp Reinf.

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The original post was in regards to ACI 440.1R equation 10-1 which is for minimum temperature reinforcement for FRP rebar.  The equation is as follows:

p(f,ts) = .0018 x 60,000/f(fu) x Es/Ef > .0014

What really drives this formula is the ratio of Es/Ef which for GFRP is a factor of 5.  In the preceding paragraph of ACI 440.1R they reference ACI 318 section 7.12.2 and explain the addition the Es/Ef modifier for FRP.  By the way, they also state that there is very little if any testing to backup this theory.

Thomas Hunt, S.E.
ABS Consulting


07/21/2003 01:13 PM

Please respond to

Re: FRP - Temp Reinf.

I think the original post asked something about ACI 318.  

ACI 318 actually says nothing about any kind of FRP.  Reinforcement is defined in chapter 3 as being steel.  Use of other kinds of reinforcement falls under some section in Chapter 1 that says you can use methods and materials that are not specifically covered in 318,  but you (or someone) must prove that they comply with requirements of 318.  

Some (alot) of the FRP literature refers to ACI 318,  but fails to point this out.

Gail Kelley