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Re: "Water in the Hole"

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Jason Kilgore wrote:

. > > Also, I just want to make sure I understand you correctly.
. > > Has the state of Texas _not_ adopted a statewide building 
. > > code?  If not, how did they rationalize that decision?

. > This isn't that uncommon.  Missouri doesn't have one either.  And like 
. > Texas, "third-class" counties (rural) aren't allowed to adopt one on their
. > own. Therefore, outside of urban areas, the engineer doesn't have any law 
. > to back him up - just whatever ethics he/she has.

When Arizona was in the position of counties not being permitted to adopt a 
building code (prior to 1972), a judge explained to me that counties are 
political subdivisions, and therefore can do only that which is permitted by 
the state.  However, incorporated areas are not political subdivisions, and 
therefore can do anything that is not *prohibited.*  (Counties could not even 
adopt a building code under the "public safety" authority granted to 

Arizona doesn't have a state building code --- it does, however, have a state 
plumbing code, brought on by the lobbying efforts of plumbers who didn't like
having to conform to different requirements depending on where they were 
doing work.

When Pima County first adopted a building code (1974), the code applied only 
to areas within 6 miles of a major highway.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

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