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A307 footing bolts for columns.

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HI: I’m curious if anyone has information (or knows where to find it) about A307 column footing bolts and damage that may occur before being put to use. I do inspection work in Bend, Or. And have had great help form all of you once or twice before. Usually I just browse and learn a bit, but this seems that it may be a good group to address this problem. As usual for up here, column footings get poured first, before the slab goes in to facilitate a nice slab and getting footings for columns the right depth and width. Usually wood “diamonds” are constructed to at least give a margin of protection from equipment.

            The job I am on now was a little different, and no diamonds were made. SO of course, the excavator came in to do final grade on the slab and managed to run into almost every (well it seems that way, but it is a good 30%) column footing handy. Now, while I have never seen it done, I know that there is almost always some damage, but some of these look more like a stud weld test, the bolts are bent 90 degrees in the worst cases, and threads are missing on some where the cutting edge of the back-hoe “peeled” them off. I could understand a little push on column bolts here and there to get holes to line up, but this appears to be major damage to me. I have one photo that shows threads through the bend radius opening up, no real breakage or cracks, but I would never use it. The job is sort of screwy anyway, as we are a sub to the actual inspection firm (I work for Kleinfelder in the Bend office), and when I brought this up with the inspector of the main company, he went to the project management company, where he was told “drop the matter here and now, and let the contractor fix it” (not a direct quote, but in a nutshell what he told me). I don’t agree with this policy, for while I am hired to “inspect”, when I have a glimmer of something that may be a problem in the future I try to get a hold of the engineer of record and help the contractor where I can. Don’t get me wrong, I let the contractor know, but a couple of phone calls from my end can sometimes help out the contractor, make my job easier (I know if there is a real problem, and also what is required for the final results of the fix, plus I have met many helpful and knowledgeable engineers that way). So I am curious, what is the general code or requirements on “fixing” A307 bolts? I have been all over AISC green book, 1977 UBC, and plan specifications and nothing really gives tolerances on allowable bend or deformities. I might have missed it, but my general feeling is that in order to do it right we are talking about replacing at least the 90 degree and damaged thread bolts. I should know this, but one rarely sees this much or severe damage. Someone had sprayed orange paint on the studs, don’t know if before or after, although the next time I suggested putting all the marks a few feet over to the side, cause it looked to me like someone used the paint as targets.

            Well long and windy, but I hope sort of clear. I will talk with some of the engineers on other jobs I am working, and ask them the same questions, but this is a nice always available source of info, so why not see what the consensus is. Thanks a lot, Kent Golding, Kleinfelder Inc. Bend, Or.

            P.S. I’m not happy working as a sub to another company, inspection operations can be hard enough without trying to follow someone you are not familiar with (or try to get and keep a good working relationship with all the people you have to work with).