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RE: Plan Stamping

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Subject: Re: Plan Stamping

>As it stands, in India, Lawyers and Doctors and
>Chartered Accountants have this system, but strangely
>Engineers do not.
>It's funny how things evolve.

There was a time in this country when you did not need a degree to be either
a lawyer OR an engineer.

In fact, up until just a dozen years ago or so, it was possible to become a
REGISTERED engineer--we now use the term "licensed"--without a college
degree in some states!

Fortunately that has changed, and we now require both education AND
demonstrated experience (as well as an examination) to qualify.

>You can technically rule this country without any
>formal education. You can even be illiterate! All you
>need to know is how to get voted into power.

Er, are we talking about INDIA? Or LOUISIANA? (GOOGLE: Huey Long).

>When her Chief minister husband was
>removed from office, she was promptly appointed the
>new chief minister, democratically and per
>constitution. Of course her husband, who is a master
>politician, continues to rule the state by proxy.

Um, are we talking about INDIA? Or ALABAMA? (GOOGLE: Lurleen Wallace).

>Another lady in the south acted in films.  Today she
>rules a state in South India and rules it with an iron

Are we talking about INDIA here? Or MINNESOTA? (GOOGLE: Jesse Ventura).

>India is a fascinating country.
>Welcome to India.

Maybe we're not so different after all.

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