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don't mess with Texas

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It sounds like the wild wild west out there, like there are these
dilapidated, poorly build structures as soon as you leave city limits. I
thought FL had its problems with lack of proper hurricane design and
construction, but that is some scary stuff out in the SW. I don't think I
could work out there with those types of conditions, at least never do work
outside of the city. With no GC license, imagine your liability if something
went wrong and the GC went missing?

So if you don't have a building code, and in some cases you do not need a
permit, why would they get engineering? Just when it is something they
cannot handle? Then, do they need signed and sealed plans? Who is making
sure that these things are getting built according to your plans, do they
have inspectors?

What about architectural codes like ADA and fire systems, ratings, means of
egress, etc?

 It just seems really, really weird... Like a 3rd world country or

So, to summarize, if I got it right:


-No building codes outside of city limits. Counties cannot endorse or
enforce a building code in unicorporated areas.
-No contractor licensure requirements (that is crazy if it is true)
-Some areas thus would not require a permit. A commercial job MAY requir a
civil/stormwater permit, and that is it.
-I have heard first hand from people who have done development work there,
that there used to not be, or currently is not, a development/zoning board
for Houston. In other words, developers can build willy-nilly wherever they
want (which they seem to do here even with a zoning board).

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