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FW: A307 footing bolts

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Here are some publications that I found useful related to misplaced and
bent anchor rods:

I found some information on the AISC website.  It was a Steel Tips
publication dated December 1993 titled, "Common Steel Erection Problems
and Suggested Solutions."

This months Structural Engineer Magazine also had an article that
discusses this (see 2nd page of article)

Angela Baughman, PE
Wausau, WI

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Subject: A307 footing bolts for columns.

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HI: I=92m curious if anyone has information (or knows where to find it)
a= bout A307 column footing bolts and damage that may occur before being
put to u= se. I do inspection work in Bend, Or. And have had great help
form all of you once or twice before. Usually I just browse and learn a
bit, but this see= ms that it may be a good group to address this
problem. As usual for up here= , column footings get poured first,
before the slab goes in to facilitate a nice slab and getting footings
for columns the right depth and width. Usually wood =93diamonds=94 are
constructed to at least give a margin of protection from equipment.

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