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RE: don't mess with Texas

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>As Bill said, there are other ways those issues get resolved, and
>believe it or not a combination of common sense are market forces
>dictate that things get laid out pretty well anyway.  People like to
>that a factory could get built in the middle of a residential
>neighborhood, but it probably wouldn't because it wouldn't make a great
>deal of economic sense to buy up residential plots to build a factory
>when you could just go to an industrial park and build your factory a
>little cheaper and likely with better truck access.

Not true. I would be happy to show you numerous commercial and
industrial facilities located throughout Houston that are located in
residential neighborhoods. No surprisingly, these are almost exclusively
in poorer neighborhoods. I will concede that these facilities are
generally not 1M SF fabrication shops with 20 truck docks (though this
does happen), but who wants the house next door to be turned into even a
small auto shop?

I live in one of those 5,000 acre deed restricted communities that
everyone is always complaining about, as does almost everyone else who
can afford it.

Eric Green

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