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Re: don't mess with Texas

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From: "Jason Kilgore" <jkilgore(--nospam--at)>

> It's sad that people have to die before the Powers-That-Be remember that
> lives are worth more than money.

What is sad, Jason, is that the 'powers that be' *never* have such a sharp
'memory' - for, in my experience, they *never* truly believe that lives are
worth more than money.  If they were truly 'in remembrance', these kinds of
situations would never (re?)occur (after the first one).  It would only take
the FIRST occurence of a fatality due to sorry engineering and/or design
oversight to 'wake them up'.

They respond to 'public relations nightmares'.  Only.  Almost always.  Once
the panic dies down, so too does their concern (and commitment to do
something about it).

The problem will be solved when we can get politicians (and maybe a
not-too-small percentage of the 'business mentality') to abandon the
"appearance of truth" in favor of "the actual truth".  As long as a
politician can come to the realization that he only has to hone his 'BS'
skills -- and a public that is out there that can be 'snookered' by it, the
problem will remain.

"Rationalization" is the bane of all good things.  "Rationalization" is what
kills people.

Maybe this isn't too cynical - but that is pretty much how I see it.

-- john, R.A.
    Nicholls, GA

a little 'jewel' that I garnered off of NPR here a year or two ago...

(from NPR - a man talking about tragedies on Mt. Everest...)
"People say the Mountain kills people.  Of course, that's not
true - the mountain doesn't kill people...


... is what kills people."

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