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RE: AISC Shapes: k_det vs. k_des

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Title: RE: AISC Shapes: k_det vs. k_des

Eugene --

I was looking for the reference where I read this, but couldn't immediately put my finger on it.  Maybe someone else will be able to point you to the exact reference.  The difference comes from the fact that the design dimension (the one in decimal inches) is based on the smallest fillet radius typically seen on the shape.  The detailing value (in fractional inches) is based on the largest fillet.  The information is provided this way because each extreme is significant to the intended user.  To the engineer, the smallest fillet is important because this results in smaller section properties, more slender web, etc.  For the detailer, the largest fillet is important because a shear plate, angle, etc. must fit below the fillet.  This way, both users get a value that will be, to them, conservative.

-- Joel

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This may seem like a silly question, but why in the world is the detailing
value for "k" so much different than the design values for "k"?  Refer to
most Wide Flanged Shapes, primarily W14s, LRFD 3rd Edition.


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