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Re: Plan Stamping

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From: "Bill Polhemus" 
Subject: RE: Plan Stamping

I have noticed this wrt the way engineers are viewed
in countries outside the USA and Canada. Simply
graduating from an accredited institution with a
degree in Engineering makes one automatically

In the USA, of course, we scoff at this notion. It is
our view that graduating with a degree means you are
now qualified to LEARN how to be an engineer.

With every passing year, IMO, that viewpoint is proven
correct, time after time.


I agree with you that simply graduating from an
institution is not enough.
There should be a registration procedure and we hope
there will be one in the near future in our country.

That will give our profession the respect and status
it deserves.

As it stands, in India, Lawyers and Doctors and
Chartered Accountants have this system, but strangely
Engineers do not.

Thanks for small mercies.
We at least require an engineering degree.

But inspite of this, most houses here are built
without even the services of an engineer.
A skilled mason will do.
Sometimes they don't even need a plan.
Only multistoryed buildings, and industrial buildings
avail of the services of qualified engineers with a
flourishing consulting practice or employed in
Consultancy organisations of repute.

But in politics here, no qualifications are needed.
They might actually be a handicap.

You can technically rule this country without any
formal education. You can even be illiterate! All you
need to know is how to get voted into power. With
millions of  illiterate voters, and millions more who
have not had a formal shool or college education,it is
easy to build up a support base among voters who will
sympathise with you in your "struggle" against the
"educated  and rich elite".

Indira Gandhi passed high school. She never went to
college. She was a successful Prime Minister for
several years.

More recently, we had a plump, happy and contented
looking housewife, and mother of a large brood, in
North India  who, overnight,  got catapulted to the
position of a Chief Minister of a state and still
continues. She had perhaps never been out of the
kitchen till then. When her Chief minister husband was
removed from office, she was promptly appointed the
new chief minister, democratically and per
constitution. Of course her husband, who is a master
politician, continues to rule the state by proxy.

Another lady in the south acted in films.  Today she
rules a state in South India and rules it with an iron
hand. She is now a "PhD". (Honorary degree conferred
on her after she became politically important)

India is a fascinating country.
Welcome to India.

G Vishwanath

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