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RE: don't mess with Texas

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Paul Crocker wrote:

. > As Bill said, there are other ways those issues get resolved, and
. > believe it or not a combination of common sense are market forces
. > dictate that things get laid out pretty well anyway.  People like to say
. > that a factory could get built in the middle of a residential
. > neighborhood, but it probably wouldn't because it wouldn't make a great
. > deal of economic sense to buy up residential plots to build a factory
. > when you could just go to an industrial park and build your factory a
. > little cheaper and likely with better truck access.  Similarly, even if
. > no one forces a developer to put in some retail near a housing tract
. > they may get some nearby anyway, just because stores like to be by
. > people and a big block of people without any stores makes an attractive
. > investment for a company planning a new store.  Even if the developer
. > could build something ridiculous doesn't mean they can find someone to
. > pay for it.  Back in my Houston days I did notice an odd propensity to
. > see mid-rise or high rise building sitting out all by themselves amongst
. > low-rise construction, a little way away from the clusters of tall
. > buildings, but that didn't really seem like a problem, though I'm sure
. > most cities would nix that idea.

This is all valid and true, however, the real benefits for land use zoning 
comes in when your neighbor decides to start a small turkey farm, a pig farm, 
an auto repair shop, a sheet metal shop, an outdoor target range, a funeral 
parlor, or a scrap (junk) yard.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

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