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RE: exposed base plates / hillside construction

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Title: RE: exposed base plates / hillside construction


For exterior steel that is not galvanized, I typically specify the following:

Surface prep - SP6 Commerical Blast Cleaning (see table 2-11 in 3rd Ed LRFD).
Shop primer - 3 mils
Top Coat - 4 - 5 mils polyurethane enamel

Brian Stanley, P.E.
Baltimore, Md

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Subject: exposed base plates / hillside construction

i have a question regarding typical specification for base plates that are
exposed to the elements and base plaes in hillside construction.

there is a provision in the la city code that requires galvanized base plates
and anchor bolts in hillside construction.  (section 1666.10.4)  this seems
to be a sound requirements as the plates are horizontal surface and collect
water, they may not be maintained. i have seen several installations where severe
corrosion has compromisred integrity.
however, is there a more eceonomical or easier way of achieving the same
result?  are there epoxy coated paints / primers that provide equivalent
protection, but ease fabrication?

thanks in advance - paul franceschi

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