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RE: Sill plate anchor bolts -1930 UBC and other trivia

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Good stuff.
Thanks for taking the time to post.
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Subject: Re: Sill plate anchor bolts -1930 UBC and other trivia

The 1930 UBC has some rather convoluted paragraphs concerning anchorage of girders, beams, joists and other items, but I couldn't find a specific mention of sill plate anchorage.  (Sections 2506 and 2507).

I've thought some of the paragraphs I found in the "Suggestion for Inspectors" at the end of the code are interesting:

"5.  Do not waste workmen's time by talking to them.

6.  Don't argue.  Refer disputed questions to the Chief Inspector, and until you have an answer from him, use your own judgment.  Be sure that your judgment is so cool, fair and impartial and your knowledge of the work so thorough, that you command respect and obedience.

7.  Do not try to magnify your own importance by telling outsiders of the errors you have corrected or the "crooked work" you have uncovered.  The quality of the completed product will measure your ability.

8.  Realize the importance of your work.  The lives of many people are dependent in a large measure on the faithful performance of your duty.  Consider your duties seriously and others will do likewise."

Remember, this was published 1930.  The Long Beach Earthquake was on March 10, 1933 and "houses were pushed from foundations".  Some schools collapsed and this "led to the establishment of California States standards for safer school design".

The 1930 UBC earthquake provisions were in the appendix portion of the code and are approximately two pages long.       

I also found my 1940 UBC.  On page 105 there are actual "House Details - minimum requirements" showing anchor bolts.  This code I got from my father and it is the only page in the book with a paper clip on it!!  The earthquake provisions are still in the appendix and are now about four pages long. 

Another interesting note:  The 1930 UBC allows a 50% increase in allowable stresses for wood (Section 2503 (e)), whereas the 1940 code discusses the 1/3rd increase for seismic.

Just a little trivia tonight.

Neil Moore, S.E.


Section 2521 (e) of the 1946 UBC requires sill plates to be anchored to the foundation.

Neil Moore, S.E.
neil moore and associates

I can't find my first edition right now.

At 04:06 PM 7/22/2003 -0700, Tim Spengler wrote:

Can anyone tell me which version of the Uniform Building Code began requiring wood sill plates be anchored to the foundation via anchor bolts?  (Section 1806.6 of current UBC).  Was it in 1972 or 1976?  I dont have these codes as a reference so any input would be appreciated.


Tim Spengler PE, SE