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Educated vs. "Trained"

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I don't even want to get started on this argument.

One of my biggest complaints about our prepackaged society is that we have
forgotten about the value of education for its own sake. Yeah, that's right,
"well-rounded individuals" are a good idea.

Like I've told each of my kids when this topic has come up: You want to go
learn a trade, go to trade school.

You want to get an education, then go to a college or university, take the
blankety-blank core and mandatory courses, and shut up about it.

College is not and should never be "trade school." You can "train" a dog, a
seal, an elephant, even (or so I'm told) a housecat. But human beings aren't
to be "trained," they're to be educated.


(SIGNED) a guy who spent two years in a liberal arts program, changed his
mind, decided to become an engineer and has never once regretted his
"well-rounded" educational experience.

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My one big complaint would be with most engineering degrees in the US (like
my own), those from "liberal arts programs", is that a good 2 years + is
spent taking liberal arts classes. (After that, it is usually around 3 more
years of science, math, and engineering classes.) Now these classes were
interesting and worthwhile in their own right, but not very necessary (I did
enjoy them actually). People claim this helps to produce well rounded
people, helps engineers and scientists be well rounded by making them take
history, psychology, English and the like.

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