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RE: foreign engineer requirements

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What astonishes me is that we even have to spell this out.

My wife bought and read a book a few months ago, titled "Endangered Minds:
Why Kids Can't Think." The premise of the book is that our society has, in
general, been "dumbed down" so much that no one is REQUIRED to think, most
kids' activities are passive, and the implications for the future are
staggering. As an elementary school teacher, she is prepared to testify that
this is the case: Many kids DON'T think any more, because they aren't
expected to.

IMO, this is the same attitude being manifest here. Why I should have to
explain to my own adult kids--much less any engineer in a forum like this
one--why "education matters" is beyond me.

You get an education because you want to be EDUCATED. That shouldn't be so
hard to understand.

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To the extent that engineers will be dealing with the laity, we need all the
breadth we can get.

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