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RE: Educated vs. "Trained"

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Bill P. wrote:

No one "force-feeds" you anything, unless you sit there and take it.

I agree with Bill on this... but not because of his well-rounded
benefits, I had my own.

I liked having general courses like history, english, economics, and
religion (I went to a Jesuit University (AND HIGH SCHOOL - ST. IGNATIUS

History and religion (I got to learn about most of the major world
religions and some of the American non-tolerance groups)were interesting
and enjoyable, but the best part about these classes was that they were
not engineering courses. Therefore, I didn't have to work my ass off to
get a decent grade. I could show up every other day, find out what pages
the teacher had summarized from the text, recover from my hang over, or
just sleep/zone out. In religion, we watch so many movies and
documentaries it was just show up, write 3 papers, and earn an 'A'.

Taking 4 or 5 engineering courses a quarter where every professor thinks
their class is the most important/the only one that matters, makes you
appreciate that 1 class where numbers don't really enter in the brain.
Also, you can finish your homework during those classes too.

I lived in a house with 12 accounting majors my senior year. I was so
jealous with the amount of free time these guys had while I was busting
my ass just to make it through in 4 years - they were basically done in
3.5 years.

Santa Clara, CA

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