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RE: foreign engineer requirements

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>As an elementary school teacher, she is prepared to testify that
>this is the case: Many kids DON'T think any more, because they aren't
>expected to.

100% right. The reason people get scammed by everything from crooked 
politicians to PR spinmeisters to dumbass product promotions is twofold. 
First, because they can't or don't think critically, second they haven't 
been able to learn from the obvious mistakes of others, which is a 
variation on the same thing. You see it in engineers as much as anyone 
else because college teaches us to work set-piece problems and and almost 
nothing about dealing with ambiguity. Unlike a machine design textbook, 
life is ambiguous, and there's nothing teaches that like literature and 

Do you see what's happening here? Pohlemus and Wright agreeing on a 
social issue. Might be worth noting ;-> 

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