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For the column strip width at a column, I use the lesser of
        half of the average longitudinal span either side of the column
        half of the average cross span

In this case, it would be (10 + 14) / 2 = 6' based on the longitudinal spans and 5' based on the cross spans. So the width at this column would be 5'

It is not logical to have a jog (step) in the column strip width at a column if you look at how the whole thing is supposed to work and the average span length fits logically with this..

At 11:53 AM 23/07/2003 -0400, you wrote:

I would appreciate any it if anyone could give input on how setting CS widths in ACI 318, section 13.2 should be interpreted.

I have a question on setting column strip widths for an interior column with various L1 and L2 values. Lets say the L1 span south of the column and L1 span north of the column are 10and 14respectively. The L2 span west and L2 span east of the column are 8and 12respectively. There are differing opinions throughout the office on how the CS width should be determined.

Lets assume we are determining the width of the CS for the span that runs north and south.

For the CS width east of the column, some would compare the two L1 spans, find the smallest and compare that to the L2 east, giving me 10/4=2.5. It would be done the same for the west side, giving 8/4=2, for a total CS width of 4.5.

Others in the office would compare the L1 and L2 length at each quadrant to determine the CS width, which would create a jogin the CS at the center line of the column. The south-east width of the CS would compare the smallest of L1 south with L2 east, giving 10/4=2.5. The north-east width of the CS would compare the L1 north with L2 east, giving 12/4=3, creating a .5jog. Again for the west side, the south-west CS width would equal 2and the north-west CS would equal 2.

Again, I would appreciate any input that could clarify how to determine column strip widths.

Thank you,

Brian Hsi

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