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RE: Construction Estimating

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Title: RE: Construction Estimating


I recommend that you buy two or three of the annual R. S. Means books.  They also offer CD and online tools.  None of this is perfect, but it is what we use most often.  Of course, we avoid making construction cost estimates whenever possible!


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Subject: Construction Estimating

I am frequently called upon by clients to render an estimate of construction cost. I don't mind this at all, except for the fact that I've never come up with a satisfactory set of tools to do it.

I have tried various spreadsheet formats and even looked at software available for purchase, but they are all geared more toward estimates FOR construction cost, not OF construction cost.

The distinction is that I, as engineer, am not concerned about the grisly details of what goes into an estimate. I want to work with gross effects. The contractor wants to be able to apply minute controls; I simply want a bottom line with a reasonable breakdown of how I got there without all the ghastly detail.

I wonder if anyone here has come up with or developed a tool that you like to use for making such estimates, and if you would care to share it with the rest of us. For myself, I'm tired of flailing around trying to find something that fits.