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Re: future generations of engineers (was foreign engineer requirements)

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Cliff wrote :  "Perhaps we don't have to worry about where the future generations of structural engineers will be coming  from.  Most of the factory jobs have left our country and now it looks like many white-collar jobs are going overseas. .........In the July 2003 issue of Structural Engineer magazine there is an  article on this subject.  In that article the author points out that Flour Corporation has 200 Filipino engineers on their payroll at $1.50/hour (the article says $3000/year salary which works out to about $1.50/hour for a 40 hour work week) in one of their overseas offices."
As per the first tenet of Capitalism (which is not only the foundation of American existence, but also the reason for its prosperity, and it makes me sad that most of the times Americans keep on forgetting this), "money will flow where it gets maximum return to it". So based on this tenet, any manpower resource (because it is so expensive in America) that can be outsourced to a cheaper economy WILL BE outsourced. Nobody can actually do anything about it, of course unless & until you people decide to embrace Communism, Protectionism, ... (which Americans have been fighting tooth & nail since their very existence).
A valid question then arises, "What happens to those people who do not have work, or loose their jobs, when these move to a cheaper economy". Let me ask you what happened to the data entry operators, are there any in US now? Have they died of hunger? The answer is NO, they have moved on to more tech specific activities. This is what makes the developed countries thrive, the continuous movement towards high -tech activities. Japanese now sell more cars than Americans, so have the workers in the car industry died of hunger? No, the worst of them are still in the car industry, while the best of them may have moved on to the space industry, or the missile industry. 
That is a natural economic growth pattern. Since America is more advanced than Japan & cars now are low-tech, so let the Japanese do it, space program is hi-tech, so Americans are doing it. Don't you remember the hue & cry over Japanese cars? Have Americans become poorer due to Japanese cars? No, in fact they have become more prosperous. Obviously there are some minor & local disturbances due to realignment of priorities, but the general pattern is always of growth. America is prosperous, exactly because it does not indulge in low tech areas. It is prosperous exactly because it always moves on to high tech areas, and not only moves on but spearheads & invents new hi-tech areas to move on to. Software / Internet /space programs / renewable energy resources / biotechnology....on & on... that is what is all And in say 20 years time, when these will become low tech & common, others would be doing them (unless you would be so shortsighted as to oppose it) & America would have move on to newer high tech areas  ...robotics/ cloning...& God knows what.
My 2 cents (or 2 paise as we call it)
Pankaj Gupta
Structures Online