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Re: Open Building with Gable using ASCE 7-95

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You can get Cf for this condition from Army TM 5-809-1, Chpt. 5 "Wind Loads".  It gives Cf for arched and gabled roofs on open sheds.  I printed out a copy from the web a while back, but can't seem to find it on the web now.  I think the manual has been discontinued/superceded by another military manual.
Anyway, if you can find a copy, here is basically what it says.  For a roof slope of 30-deg or less, Cf = +0.60 on windward slope (acts inward) and -0.60 on leeward slope (acts outward).  For roof slope greater than 30-deg, Cf = +0.80 windward, and -0.80 leeward.
Hope that helps.  This is the only recommendation I have ever beeen able to find.  Let me know if you find anything else.
Tripp Howard, P.E.

richard lewis <rlewistx(--nospam--at)> wrote:
I have a gable shaped roof maintenance shed with a 3:12 roof pitch. The
shed is open, no side walls. I am looking at Table 6-1 on page 16 and
there is a column for "Open Buildings and other structures". The Cf
value is obtained form Tables 6-6 to 6-10 (pgs. 32-33). There is not a
table for a gable style roof. There is one for a monslope roof.

What Cf value do I use if I have a gable roof of an open building?


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