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Re: future generations of engineers

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> As per the first tenet of Capitalism (which is not
> only the foundation of American existence, but also
> the reason for its prosperity, and it makes me sad
> that most of the times Americans keep on forgetting
> this), "money will flow where it gets maximum return

I don't need a lecture on Capitalism from someone who
lives in a country (and apparently sees nothing wrong
with) the indentured servitude of 325,000 children who
roll 1500 to 2000 Bidi cigarettes a day, 6 1/2 days a
week for 4 rupees (9 cents) a day.

> are still in the car industry, while the best of
> them may have moved on to the space industry, or the
> missile industry.  

I'm glad to hear that the missle industry offers
growth and opportunity for aspiring engineers.

> fact they have become more prosperous. Obviously
> there are some minor & local disturbances due to
> realignment of priorities, but the general pattern

Minor & local disturbances affect other people - when
this stuff affects me, it's not "minor".

> others would be doing them (unless you would be so
> shortsighted as to oppose it) & America would have
> move on to newer high tech areas  ...robotics/
> cloning...& God knows what.

Forget about cloning - that French group, the Raelians
beat us to the punch on that industry.

Upon reflection, I realize that I may have been a bit
pessimistic with my orginal post predicting the demise
of the American engineering industry. My first
reaction when comparing billing rates of $150/hour for
American engineers versus $7.50/hour for our offshore
competition was that we had to work 20 times faster
(i.e., be 20 times more efficient). In retrospect, the
our challenge is to justify our higher wages. In my
opinion anyone can design a building structure, but I
can design a building structure that will save a
building owner many many times the additional cost of
my services.  That is the advantage that American
ingenuity provides. The goal for the American
education system is to cultivate ingenuity in our
children. That is probably a goal that, at present, is
probably not even on the list.

Off the soapbox for the day. I'm actually on vacation
today and should be doing something more important -
like cutting the grass! :)

Cliff Schwinger

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