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RE: foreign engineer requirements

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Ed Tornberg wrote:

. > Right after graduation I went straight to New Zealand for two years,
. > working at a top-notch consulting firm.  My colleagues who spent 4 years
. > at that country's technical schools were noticeably better than American
. > counterparts.  Why?  More focus on structural and less on liberal arts.
. > They weren't smarter, just more focused.

While I don't have the statistics at hand, I would venture that the number of 
public school classroom hours spent in a non-USA country by far surpasses the 
number of classroom hours spent in a USA public school.  We have teacher 
preparation days, holidays, summer vacation, etc.  Everybody wants time off.

When I was attending college, the graduation requirements for Civil 
Engineering students was 141 semester hours; for other colleges it was 120 
semester hours.  The playing field has been leveled and the CE requirement is 
now 120 semester hours.  Is this "dumbing down" or not?  What is not being 
taught in those 21 semester hours that have been cut?

BTW, in those 141 semester hours, the curriculum allotted 3 semester hours to 
"humanistic-socialistic electives," the only electives in the 4-year CE 

It seems that "teach less," "expect more," is a contradiction.

The philosophy of children "learning at their own pace" is flawed, as most 
children just want to play.  Also, children don't know what they need to 

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

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