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Re: future generations of engineers (was

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Roger wrote :
> That the loss of a finger or arm should be considered as acceptable is a
> sad comment on the morality of the countries that Gupta mentions. 
> Exploitation of vulnerable groups has a habit of turning around and biting
> the perpetrator.
Cliff wrote :
>I don't need a lecture on Capitalism from someone who
>lives in a country (and apparently sees nothing wrong
>with) the indentured servitude of 325,000 children who
>roll 1500 to 2000 Bidi cigarettes a day, 6 1/2 days a
>week for 4 rupees (9 cents) a day.
It is not a matter of acceptability, exploitation, or seeing something wrong in it, it is a matter of CHOICE.
50% of the world's population even in this year 2003, does not have a choice. Their only choice is between "Death due to hunger" OR "working from the age of 9 for 9 cents a day with a risk of losing their fingers or arm in the process".
And to have a pointer for the reason for this state of affairs please read another comment by Cliff reproduced below:
Cliff wrote :
>Minor & local disturbances affect other people - when this stuff affects me, it's not "minor".
Which I read like "rest of the world can go to hell, but I will fight tooth & nail if I will have to do with only a convertible instead of a limo"
I am sorry, if I have offended anybody's sensibilities, but all this talk about morality without knowing about the actual situation and ground realities, sometimes gets to me.
Pankaj Gupta