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RE: foreign engineer requirements

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I have a close friend whom many might know. He is a practicing engineer who has just reached his 70th birthday (a few months ago). He is an SE in California yet his education from India has been widely enhanced by his parents who believed that it was necessary to be versed in Literature, Philosophy and the arts as well as in Engineering. My friend amazes me as his view of engineering and technology is greatly influenced by his education and philosophical (and religious) knowledge. It may have softened him up in the sense that he does not view the world (or engineering) as simply black and white, but understands that there are grey areas comprised of strong arguments from each side. What he brings to engineering is the sense that there are different paths to obtain the same goals - some more humane and cost effective than others. He holds the same believe on issues related to life, politics, religion, war, love and much more. He also subscribes, I believe, to the same philosophy that I would hold that states (and I paraphrase from a Jeffery Deaver book "Speaking in Tongues") - 'What a man hears, he may doubt. What he sees, he may possibly doubt. What a man does, he may never doubt.'
Education with a foundation in the liberal arts (core courses) are never wasted on intelligent human beings. The last thing we need in this world is another foundation based technologic robotics. Interpretation of some of the current codes is more proof than I would like to be able to provide.
I applaud Syed on his quest for life experiences beyond engineering.
Dennis S. Wish, PE 
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I was educated (sorry, trained) at an "University of Engineering and Technology" in Pakistan. We did have some cosmetic liberal arts/ social science courses but nobody paid any attention. But I never let that school interfere with my education. I have at different times in my life, written poetry, worked as political activist, written in newspapers and spoken on international affairs.

Similarly, those of us who are educated in Liberal Arts colleges should not let the education interfere with their training as an engineer.

Syed A Masroor
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