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RE: 50' high firewall design / detailing

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Title: RE: 50' high firewall design / detailing


I am the author of the referenced PDHonline courses.  I am not familiar with the zinc alloy bolt, but I have successfully used a ceramic/plastic composite bolt as a fire link "fuse".  Send me your fax number and I will forward you the information next week.

Matthew Stuart

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Subject: RE: 50' high firewall design / detailing

Two possibilities:

PDHOnline has two courses on firewalls, one of which covers how to
the pulling force induced by the collapse of the structure on one side
the firewall and design lateral ties accordingly.  The course links are and; I forget which one covers
method.  (I think it's the latter one).

The other possibility is to specify a "melt-away" anchor using rolled
alloy as the material for your ties to the wall.  The zinc alloy has a
lower melting point (~800F) as compared to the standard steel or
ties.  Heckmann offers anchors from the rolled zinc alloy (see their
at under "Breakaway Fire Anchors"; don't
if anyone else does.


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