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RE: Future Generations of Engineers

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Title: RE: Future Generations of Engineers

In the midst of a lengthy post, Scott Maxwell wrote:

"Thus, if you really want the engineering profession to emulate the legal or medical profession, then you are essentially advocating have future engineers take a 4 year 'pre-engineering' undergraduate degree..."


It is my belief that most CURRENT structural engineering students NOW begin their education by pursuing a "4 year pre-engineering undergraduate degree".  That degree is the BSCE, or Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Degree, which (at 120-124 credits/hours) has degenerated into an "introduction to civil engineering degree".  That is why a MSCE degree, or equivalent, has become necessary for the majority of these students.  Alternatively, many students earning a BSAE, or Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering Degree, are adequately prepared to enter the profession without the need of a graduate degree.  When I write "enter the profession", please understand that I mean as an engineering intern, not as a professional engineer.


Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas