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Re: Open Building with Gable using ASCE

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Yes, your understanding is correct.  Bernoulli's (SP?) principle.  Also,
the reason why a curve ball in baseball works (as well as why I slice golf
balls).  The faster air speed on one side creates a lower air pressure on
that side resulting in a net force pushing "up" on the side with the
slower air pressure.

Ah, the fruits of being a geek in middle school (and high school,
college and real life) and doing a science fair project that demonstrated
the principle.  And having a father who was mechanical/aerospace
engineering graduate.  I originally intended to study either ME or AE in
college, but got sucked in to the grand world of structural engineering.


Ypsilanti, MI

On Sat, 26 Jul 2003, Roger Turk wrote:

> It is my understanding that an airfoil (uplift) is created by the wind flow
> over the top moving faster than the wind flow under the bottom.  Since there
> is nothing to force the underside wind up against the bottom of a gabled
> roof, the underside wind will travel an essentially level path.

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