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Base Shears UBC and IBC

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I came across something interesting this week. I was comparing a loadbearing cmu shear wall building with UBC97 and IBC. The IBC essential category 3 with an importance factor of 1.5 was 166% higher base shear than UBC non-essential.

I then was comparing loadbearing concrete shear wall building and the IBC essential category 3 was only 2.5% higher than UBC non-essential.

It seems the IBC contours are a lot more accurate in defining the load over grouping an entire region at the same level. Any one else noticed these interesting things.

The cmu R was reduced from UBC to 2.5 and was divided into 3 categories special, intermediate, and ordinary.

Letting UBC be the base = 1.0

CMU Loadbearing (ordinary masonry shear wall)
UBC   1.0
UBC Essential 1.25
IBC  1.11
IBC Essential (category 3)   1.66

Concrete Loadbearing Shearwall
UBC 1.0
UBC Essential 1.25
IBC .51
IBC Essential (category 3) 1.025


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