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Re: future generations of engineers (was foreign engineer requirements)

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Dennis wrote:
Getting back to my point - as soon as you have reached a level of comfort in your society that even comes close to ours, global corporations will move on to the next nation of lowest income available with the fewest concerns for human rights and the lowest hourly wage - and then the process starts all over again. .....just smile and greet the next owner of your home who happens to own stock in the company that sent your job to Asia or Africa or Mexico.
I agree Dennis, and exactly my point. You are seeing it as a process that is not good, while I see this as a good process where capitalism will raise the level of minimum wages, raise the comfort level, raise the level of concerns with environmental issues, human rights, safety compliances et al in all these countries. Right now that is priority #1 for these countries, when they are met, they will be dealing with other priorities as you are dealing with in US. These countries cannot start dealing with your priorities first.
But what you have to realize is that in this process, the US & it's people are never the loser as a whole. What I called as a "minor disturbance" (to which Cliff took such a strong exception), is that some industries may be rendered uncompetitive, and some people who lose their jobs, will have to move on to others (remember they can afford to...and they will not die of hunger), but the overall general pattern will always be of more growth & prosperity for the countries who are highest up in the chain. It is not that the lower end economies are moving up at the cost of the higher end economies. The pattern is of overall growth for everybody albeit a slightly higher growth rate for the lower end economies, which is as needed.
Dennis also wrote:
.....just smile and greet the next owner of your home who happens to own stock in the company that sent your job to Asia or Africa or Mexico.
As I said, right now we are more concerned with make enough money to feed ourselves on a daily basis.....and when this situation comes that I have to vacate my house (when I have one).....I am sure I would have developed enough resources, as to smile at the new owner while handing over the house, but bounce back in a year or two to get another house. Again as I call a "MINOR DISTURBANCE".
Living in a higher end economy does not mean that you will not have any problems. It only means that your problems are less pressing (as they do not involve the matter of daily survival, or losing your limbs to earn your daily bread), and you have enough resources to solve them & bounce back.
Pankaj Gupta
Structures Online