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Re: future generations of engineers

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Date: 7/26/2003 11:28:50 AM Central Daylight Time
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My comment “Minor &local disturbances affect other
people - when this stuff affects me, it's not minor”
was 10% a “tongue in cheek” comment and 90% a natural
reaction that I am certain everyone would agree is
human nature. Obviously my comment was a reaction to
your characterization as “minor” the MAJOR impact that
globalization of the world economy will have on the
living standards of many in the United States. As an
example, would you consider it a “minor disturbance”
if U.S. lawmakers banned overseas engineers from
working on projects in the U.S.? (important note: I am
against the “example” that I just used, but there are
many in the U.S. would welcome such legislation.)
It’s easy to characterize as “minor” something that
adversely affects other people. 

Thank you for setting me straight on the realities of
life in your country and the need for small children
to work in sweat shops in order to survive. Those
children apparently are quite fortunate that
employment opportunities exist to earn 9 cents a day
to survive. That’s sad – but what is sadder is your
apparent cold reaction to the situation – to
paraphrase “…As per the first tenet of Capitalism…
there’s nothing we can do about it…”  You sound like a
typical engineer who did not have enough liberal arts
courses in college.

Well, I think I’m done talking about non-structural
engineering stuff on this list and I will (attempt to)
restrict my future posts to those that are strictly
related to structural engineering. Speaking of

A tornado that swept through western Pennsylvania last
week destroyed a structural engineering work of art –
a railroad viaduct, built in 1882.  I live in
Pennsylvania and I never knew that this masterpiece of
nineteenth century structural engineering existed.
Here is a link to some “before and after” photos.  Has
anyone on the list ever visited this bridge?

Pankaj, are there any bridges like this still in use
in India? I know that India has an extensive railroad

Cliff Schwinger

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