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RE: Future Generations of Engineers

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Sometimes, when reading excessively long posts, I skip over something which merits a response.  Your comment (below) is truly sad.  For at least the past three years, the starting compensation packages for entry level structural engineers with MSCE degrees in Dallas has been at or above $50K.  This applies not only to the larger employers, but also to many of the smaller consulting firms.  In addition, Dallas offers affordable housing (<$150K) and Texans still have no income tax.   We also don't have any need for recall elections <grin>. 
Truly, we live in two very different worlds!
Stan Caldwell
In fact, I doubt that the 10-engineers who work in this valley servicing over 100,000 people has a net annual income exceeding $50,000.00 and the average cost of a modest home has just hit $260,000.00.  
Dennis S. Wish, PE