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Re: House Trusses.

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I've no references.  But a good reference won't help much -- the principle design requirement will be to solve innumerable problems that you have to find before the construction begins.  An effective project will require that the engineer [and the contractor, if he is already onboard] get into the attic and look at everything.  There will be all kinds of interferences: ducts, wires, purlin braces, hips, pipes, insulation, who-knows-what.
Instead of reinforcing the truss members, consider adding mid-span purlins under the rafters, or beams set onto the ceiling joists with cripples to each rafter.  The purlins or beams will need to be supported to the foundation.  You may need to add posts in walls and partitions, and add footings under some of the posts.
Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer
South San Gabriel, CA